Omara Jones

Former field medic turned fearless leader


Once an Alliance field medic accompanied by her then, and now, pilot Outo, they left the service together after The Browncoat Rebellion to seek a different lifestyle. During this period of time, she apparently gained the ire of the self-proclaimed pirate lord, Ran Soragan, though she has never learned why. After bouncing around space for a while, she received notice that she had been left a starship in her uncle Elyrcan’s will. Despite never having an uncle by this name or even being related to an Aleerin, she sought out Richard Lowe on Liberty to accquire her Caravan-class freighter later named ‘Hellsing’. It wasn’t much to look at, but she found it a good place to call home. After finding a crew, she set out for adventure and glory all the while keeping her team in one piece, both physically and mentally.

On one such adventure, the crew discovered a strange, milky white substance on a derelict vessel in space. Omara determined that this substance was a silicon lifeform that increased in mass when it absorbed certain types of radiation. Somehow it infected one of the crew and started ‘feeding’ sources of radiation throughout the ship. Had the creature not been venting into space, the ship and its crew would surely have been lost. She discovered a plant that possessed many of the same properties and ran some tests on it. It did not seem to like soap or other like bases.

Omara Jones

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