A former bounce soldier with a knack for fixing things


Nullen’s right leg is a cybernetic replacement starting from slightly below his pelvis.
He has scars on what is left of his right leg from burns and surgery.
He has a scar from a laceration on his left brow and cheek that would’ve taken his sight had the cut been any deeper.


Lt. Nullen was a decorated mobile armor pilot for the Alliance in the 51st Aleerin Mobile Armor Squadron and successfully participated in over 200 missions before being honorably discharged from service following a mission that took his right leg and awarded him with several medals of commendation for service and duty. The 51st was deployed to a planet known to have a large pirate fortress that was a major hub for Ran Sorgan, who was trying to unite all Gamma Quadrant pirates under his rule. Everything was going well until they started making way to the extraction point. A pirate fleet arrived in orbit over the planet and



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