Avec Tamlin

An eccentric and hermetic mechanus mechanic


Avec Tamlin is the sister of the notorious hacker and known associate of Red Eye, Jess Tamlin. He is owner and operator of a two-bit refueling station and trade post located in P3X189. Despite seeing better years, Avec has been managing to somehow keep the shop open with the assistance of the small army of robots that he maintains and utilizes to protect himself and his property. His success may have something to do with the recent surge in scavenging ship graveyards, which are abundant in this quadrant thanks to the Destabilization.

Though questioned several times by Hanza, Alliance, and bounty hunter alike, he stands by the story he’s been telling for the last several years regarding the fate of his sister. According to him, Red Eye contacted his sister with a job that was just all two good and she rushed off to Azarel for what was supposed to be a big payday. About 3 months later, he received a letter from Red Eye offering condolences for the loss of his sister and a bank transfer notification for not only her life insurance policy but also what her take would’ve been on the last job. Avec claims that he never saw his sister’s body and believes that she is really dead, despite reported sightings of her.

Avec Tamlin

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